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About the Firm

Wes InofficeM

Wes Williams - Attorney at Law

As one of the most successful trial lawyers in the State of Oregon, Wes Williams has represented judges, lawyers, police officers, business leaders, and school administrators. Wes is licensed to practice in state and federal court and has represented clients throughout the State of Oregon.

Wes Williams is an Active Member of:

  • American Association for Justice
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
  • Oregon State Bar

Legal Staff

Jennifer Schemm Attorney

Jennifer Schemm

Attorney focusing on Legal Research, Drafting of Motions, and Appellate Briefs

 Michelle Ritchey

Michelle Ritchey

Legal Assistant
Handles drafting of real estate and legal documents, such as wills and pleadings.

Anna Stever

Anna Stever

Legal Assistant, Receptionist, Legal Research, Corporate Records Assistant and Client intake.